Kenëpa, for many it's just a heavenly beach on a small island in the Caribbean, perhaps a small tropical fruit, or maybe it's just a random word you’ve never heard of before. But for us, kenepa is the beginning of a never ending journey . We are not just a clothing line, Kenepa is a feeling and the motivation to create something wonderful that you guys can enjoy as much as we are enjoying every part of this process. 

Why Kenepa?

As we briefly mentioned previously, Kenepa is a beautiful beach in a small island in the caribbean called Curacao. Apart from that, kenepa is also a fruit, it is very colorful and we portray it in a couple of our designs. We felt inspired by what these made us feel and decided to create something even bigger with this beautiful name.

Our team

Kenepa was founded by two college friends, Ana Garofano and Victoria Suena. We have always wanted to create something of our own that we felt identified and proud of. Kenepa is the coalition of both of our passions which are obviously fashion and business. Although we both live in Spain, we are from complete opposites of the country, Ana is from Cádiz (the south of Spain) and Victoria is from A Coruña which is the North. With that and our international backgrounds we feel that we make a great mix of opinions, tastes and experiences that provide us with the opportunity of understanding and relating to a larger part of our consumers.

Thank you for reading this brief introduction about our company, stay tuned for updates and continue to inspire us to continue this journey!!